A Moment of Water: Journey by Maine Watershed
Ann Flewelling

A river leads to renewed connections. Exploring the water's way from Downeast to Crown of Maine, a photographer-psychologist finds deepening insight into her attachment to the natural landscape and its human watershed. Focused on balance in relationships that sustain us all, Ann uses her artistic skills in support of our natural environment. Personal journal notes and intimate vignettes weave a sensitive narrative to guide this highly visual journey across time on Maine's watershed.

Trade paperback (2011), 8.875" x 7"
124 pages, 50 full color and many b&w photographs, 3 maps.

A Moment of Water Calendar: Up Stream ~ Down Stream
Ann Flewelling

Follow waterways from Downeast Penobscot Bay to the Crown of Maine. A visual Journey across all Seasons of Open Water ~ spanned by Ice Bridge of Winter. April 2012 open water ~ across the ice bridge of winter ~ to October 2013. Maine landscape photography based upon the book A Moment of Water - Journey by Maine Watershed by Ann Flewelling

19 Month Calendar (2011), 11" x 14" wire-o bound with top center drill hole

18 full color pages, 19 calendars, 16 photographs and maps.

A Sky of Birds
Marnie Reed Crowell

Amazing bird portraits ranging from Maine's ordinary, the iconic, and the exotic combine for the benefit of the Downeast Chapter of Audubon. Marnie Reed Crowell has combined her nature poems with stunning bird photographs provided by Leslie Clapp, President of Downeast Audubon and other chapter members.

Trade paperback (2011), 7.875" x 6.875"
130 pages, species index, resource guide, 102 color photos

Great Blue - odyssey of a heron
Marnie Reed Crowell

A heron migrates from Maine to the Caribbean and back, encountering a hurricane in Bermuda, an injury in Trinidad at Carnival time, and alligators in the Florida Everglades on the return trip. As well as a parade of fascinating creatures of nature, the heron and reader will encounter along the way an engaging cast of human characters: lobster fishermen, biologists, East Indian tour guides, and park personnel.

Trade paperback (2011 updated reprint of 1980 Times Books title), 6" x 9"
150 pages, map, species index, resource guide, 18 line drawings, 6 color photos

The Coast of May
Marnie Reed Crowell

Natural history writer Marnie Reed Crowell shares her love of the natural world, this time in her semi-autobiographical novel-the tale of a summer in Maine, an island, and the ways we cope with change. Retired botanical artist finds herself taking care of her granddaughter who has sustained a head injury. The human brain and our ecosystem-both complicated systems; can they heal?

Trade paperback (2010), 6.25" x 9"
432 pages with 5 b&w photographs by Ann Flewelling

Island Meditation
Marnie Reed Crowell and Ann Flewelling

We all have the ability to meditate but most of us have not learned to make the most of it. Forty-two easy to follow mediation exercises are combined with Ann Flewelling's photographs of the natural world of mid-coast Maine. These images can serve as meditation objects themselves. Essays by a physician, clinical psychologist, and head injury survivor give insights into how six weeks of this practice may help you deal with such issues as stress, high blood pressure, depression, and brain trauma.

Trade paperback (2011), 9" x 7"
126 pages with 47 color photos

Beads and String - a Maine island pilgrimage
Marnie Reed Crowell with photography by Ann Flewelling

"Join natural history writer Marnie Reed Crowell and photographer Ann Flewelling as they take you though a year, month by month, visiting some gems of the conserved lands encircling Deer Isle. It is a pilgrimage you'll want to join as they introduce you to special places and special people. Marnie's lively essays and poems and Ann's luminous photographs show off land trust work at this best," writes Ciona Ulrich, Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

Trade paperback (2008), 6.25" x 9.25"
288 pages with 72 color photographs

Ann Flewelling and Marnie Reed Crowell

A verbal/visual collaboration exploring the working waterfront of Deer Isle, Maine. Photographs by Ann Flewelling are paired with poems by Marnie Reed Crowell.

Trade paperback (2010), saddlebound, 9" x 7"
44 pages, 28 color photographs, 21 poems

Shared Light - on Penobscot Bay
Marnie Reed Crowell and Ann Flewelling

This creative collaboration of voice and vision, of poet Marnie Reed Crowell and photographer Ann Flewelling, moves across the seasons of Maine's Penobscot Bay revealing a "third half," the dynamic events that happen at the relational interfaces of our natural world.

Trade paperback (2007), 7.5" x 7.5"
70 pages, 34 color photographs, 18 poems

Greener Pastures - life in the North Country
Marnie Reed Crowell

From the Christian Science Monitor, "With a dexterity and tact that are really functions of character and sensibility as much as style and control, Marnie Reed Crowell manages handsomely to avoid the bogs, swamps, and pitfalls that beset nature writers." Follow Marnie and family through a year of living on their farm at the edge of the Adirondacks in 1972.

Trade paperback (reprint of Funk &Wagnalls 1980 title), 6" x 9"
288 pages with 6 b&w photographs

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